Friday, 20 August 2010

Self control.

It's official. I have none. Self-control that is.

Whilst I was up in Berwick there were several occasions when I wished I had the capability to shoot video. On my return I decided once again to check the 7D prices. I was surprised that they had not changed much - and then even more surprised to find an internet supplier which was significantly cheaper - but had very good reviews. Rather foolishly I ordered one. It arrived yesterday.

So far I am very impressed with the video capability, and even more impressed with the three user settings on the mode dial. I've loaded these with settings for wildlife, landscape and flight shots - and can recall the entire setup just by twisting the mode dial. Sweet.

Sadly, however, the light has been too poor to really put the camera through its paces today, so I can't really comment on image quality. It remains to be seen whether it will depose the 1D MkII as my primary wildlife body.


  1. Why,this video is awesome! Trust me,you are gonna do wonders with that toy!

  2. I really enjoyed watching this. The (almost) still bird against the flowing water is wonderful!


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