Saturday, 6 February 2010


On Friday I headed along to Fowlmere in Cambridgeshire in the hope of getting some shots of some winter visitors. I did see a handful of Teal, but they were a long way from the hide and spent the entire morning asleep. As for redwing or fieldfares, they were not in evidence.

However, as I navigated the muddy path along the north-west of the reserve, the sun broke through briefly and I though "all I need now is something to photograph". Almost as I thought it I looked up and there was a single muntjac deer watching me alertly by the path. It stood stock still whilst I shot off five photographs, and then it disappeared in the undergrowth.

I tried, discretely, to follow it - but it was long gone. I did find a well trodden deer track however, with hundreds of tiny foot prints - so I'm guessing they must be regular visitors there


  1. Still you managed to get a very nice shot of it Ian. Congrats!


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