Saturday, 5 December 2009

A morning at Cliffe Pools RSPB

I took advantage of the great light today by having a wander round Cliffe Pools RSPB reserve near Rochester in Kent. There was a lot going on down there. Lapwings, egrets and kingfishers to name but a few species I saw. The highlights of the day for me, however, were a chance encounter with a group of shore larks and an extended display by a kestrel.

I'd read about shore larks in another blog last week - otherwise I'd have had no idea what they were. Sadly, they were on the far side of a rather muddy stream so I wasn't able to get close enough for anything other than a record shot.

The kestrel, however, seemed positively determined to be photographed. It kept flying close by and then hovering or perching up in full view. I wish all birds where this co-operative!


  1. Hi Ian,
    Congrats for the shore larks, if I understood well it is a lifer!!! Great.. Meanwhile your kestrel shot is awesome! I like it very much. You are l├Žucky to have some activities around, here it is quite calm!

  2. I don't actually keep a list, Chris(!!) - but yes it is a lifer. I think that shore larks are relatively uncommon in the UK although small numbers visit most winters. It was really nice to get some shots today - feels like a long gap since the last decent photo!

  3. Great kestrel photo. I came across a tame one myself a week ago, also in the N. Kent :)

  4. Super Kestrel portrait Ian and congrats on seeing the Shore Larks if only from some distance. I 'dipped' out on these in Norfolk recently but there are a number of south-east locations where they are possible thro' the winter.

  5. Love the Kestrel shot…and I too wish all birds wanted such photographic attention. But nature loves to challenge us. Cheers!


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