Tuesday, 11 September 2007

On just being there...

Sometimes it's not about the pictures. Just being in a place and seeing things with your own eyes is sufficient. Yesterday I spent an hour or more in a hide at Fowlmere watching a pair of Marsh Harriers in a tree. The harriers were beautiful, and the light was stunning - but they were just too far away for my lens. Seeing them through binoculars was a treat. After an hour or so, a third one joined them, and they took to the wing. Majestic.

I did manage a couple of shots of them in flight - but none of them are great; they still didn't come close enough for that. Nevertheless, I thought I'd post one up in penance for the lack of shots in recent weeks. In my defence, the weather has been foul, and I've been pretty busy - but I miss getting out there and taking photos...

Countdown to Falklands trip: 87 days.

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